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Living Room Decor Ideas

The living room is where you spend most of your time in. It is your spot to relax and socialize with your friends and family. It is said that living room designs have the ability to affect your mood, in a positive or negative way. For instance, a living room that is poorly designed and unnecessarily cluttered can worsen your mood after returning home from work. On the other hand, a beautiful living room that has been designed meticulously can make you feel peaceful and impress your friends too. Since it is that place in your house that is always full of energy, it is essential for it to be visually appealing and comfortable at the same time.

If you aren’t satisfied with the appearance of your living room and think that it needs to be improved, you can get started with the interior decoration of your living room right away. Living room décor encompasses several elements such as proper color co-ordination, the right furniture, textures, layers, patterns and much more. This room sets the tone for decoration of the entire house and can be used to weave harmony across different rooms.

The first aspect you need to consider is the style of the living room. Do you prefer a modern look or a traditional style? Or are you one of those who has a collection of vintage art and furniture? Whatever may be your choice, these home decor ideas for living room will surely inspire you to get the living room you’ve always wanted. Feel free to experiment with different ideas to get the desired result, and don’t compromise on comfort.


  • An easy way to incorporate modern living room design in the Indian household is to use a neutral color like grey or white or a combination of them, only to be brought alive by little pops of color echoed by furniture and accessories. For instance, adding exciting furniture such as a red coffee table or a yellow rug can cut through the dullness and create a vibrant atmosphere. This will give it a minimalistic look and make it visually stunning as well.
  • Add quirky and unusual furniture to make it fun and appealing for the visitors.
  • Adding a touch of gold in the form of decorative accessories such as a golden lamp can raise the glamour quotient.
  • Set up a cozy spot for you to read with a comfortable chair and a sleek bookshelf against the wall. You can also ask your kids to lend their drawings that can be displayed in elegant frames on the wall.
  • One-room studio apartment decorating ideas are based on optimum space utilization in the form of nested tables and floating shelves to deliver a clutter-free look. Owning a studio apartment doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on privacy. Use glass partitions to separate the living room from your bed. Let the walls retain a white color with hues of blue reflecting from window frames and oversized pillows.


  • Take inspiration from Indian culture to upgrade your living room décor in a traditional way. Our country is known for handicrafts, so adding a handcrafted piece of furniture to your living room such as a heavy wooden table can create a warm and rustic look.
  • Go for intricately carved furniture and low-seating arrangements to make it inviting for your visitors.
  • Go for rich colors like orange or light yellow for the accent wall in the living room. Let it be complimented by lighter hues or a simple white painted on the other walls.
  • Simple Indian living room designs also involve the wise use of accessories. Opt for a Ganpati mural or cushion covers printed with animal motifs that serve as strong representatives of the Indian culture.
  • Go for embroidered wall hangings or a knotted rug that spell out tradition and also adds to the texture. Cotton table cloths that are block printed by hand are an excellent endorsement of the Indian culture in their own unique way.


  • Simple living room designs that incorporate the vintage style can be achieved with a display of vintage items, the right mix of colors and use of classic furniture.
  • Start with painting a pale neutral color such as beige, grey or caviar that will give the house a classic look. You can leave it as it is or complements it with a lighter shade of the same color for the accent wall.
  • Hang an antique chandelier such as a french crystal or a brass one to add a vintage touch and elevate visual interest for the visitors.
  • Living room décor involving the use of unique furniture such as a vintage 2-seater sofa and upholstered chairs will take vintage to the next level.
  • One of the easiest living room decorating ideas is to display your collection of frames, fine art, and collectibles in a strategic way. For instance, empty frames displayed on an accent wall can take us back to the good ole’ vintage days.

Overall, your living room should be inviting and comfortable for visitors. Feel free to experiment with different styles and incorporate your own living room ideas to infuse a sense of your personality and create a relaxing ambiance.

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