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Kitchen Decor Ideas

Spicy, aromatic food and fond memories are what define the kitchen in an Indian household. Growing up, you may remember helping your grandmother making those scrumptious cookies or trying out a new recipe all by yourself that turned out to be a disaster! Whether it’s the wee hours of a busy morning or that time to satiate those midnight cravings, you know that the kitchen will always have something for you. The kitchen represents food peculiar to our culture and takes us back to these timeless memories. This is what makes it worthy enough to deserve a redecoration every now and then.

The primary purpose of the kitchen is to serve as a location for cooking and storing food. However, times have changed and the functions of the kitchen have exceeded cooking to serving as a dining and entertainment center as well. This may not be very evident in Indian kitchen interiors but the trend is catching up amongst the elite of the country. Moreover, small and cramped residences make the décor for Indian kitchen interiors highly challenging. But if handled wisely and creatively, a small kitchen too can become the center of attraction of your house.

The kitchen is perhaps the most functional room out of all the rooms in the house. Hence, one should implement only those kitchen interiors ideas that establish harmony between functionality and aesthetics. Here are a few tips for kitchen floor tiles design, cabinets and backsplash tiles that will inspire you to get creative and decorate your kitchen the right way.

Floor Tiles

  • White marble tiles are an ideal choice for a compact Indian kitchen. Such tiles are translucent and can make the kitchen space look spacious. Alternatively, you can opt for lighter hues or stone tiles with deeper tones that add warmth and make the place look more inviting.
  • Kitchen floor tile ideas such as adding beige travertine tiles can infuse earthiness and make your kitchen look more natural. Go for matte finish color block tiles that highlight the white lines and compliment glossy finishes very well.
  • Choose bamboo flooring to achieve a rustic look. It is inexpensive and goes well with a vibrant color palette such as lemon yellow or mint green.
  • Black and white checkerboard tiles are the perfect kitchen floor tile design for monochrome schemes and go well with sleek and modern fittings.

Backsplash Tiles

  • Matte kitchen backsplash tiles such as an accent white or opal green can set a vibrant atmosphere in the kitchen.
  • Travel back in time and bring vintage home with Moroccan mosaic tiles that come with intricate patterns for a unique and impressive look.
  • Since Indian homes come with smaller kitchens, a simple white scheme can make space look bigger, cleaner and brighter. Calming white kitchen wall tiles complimented with sleek kitchen cabinets are the perfect choice for a minimalistic look.
  • Glass kitchen tiles come in vivid colors and different geometric precisions that can reflect light to make your kitchen look open and airy. One can go for mosaic, marble and brick patterns to achieve a dramatic look.
  • Checkered tiles in combinations of black and white and beige and brown can be used to achieve a retro look. Complete the look by placing an antique rug in the center of the kitchen.
  • To make your kitchen look elegant, use seagrass limestone complemented with grey kitchen cabinets.

Furniture and fittings

  • Small kitchens can make use of simple and contemporary furniture such as wooden kitchen cabinets complimented with open shelves. Make use of drawers and pull-outs as these are convenient and easy to clean. This will make the space look compact and clutter-free.
  • One can have dark wood cabinets that can add some depth to an otherwise plain white kitchen floor tiles design. Go for a stainless steel countertop to achieve a sleek and modern look.
  • Refresh your kitchen with little bursts of color by adding a green or aqua blue colored countertop. Balance it out with a minimalistic kitchen tiles floor design such as a simple wooden flooring and white kitchen cabinets.
  • One can add navy blue or maroon lacquered kitchen cabinets with golden handles for a luxurious look. A snack center equipped with a small table and a couple of stools can add to the overall functionality and make it pleasing for friends to chat and grab a quick bite in the kitchen.
  • There are different kitchen shapes such as L-shape and U-shape that you can incorporate after assessing your requirements and available space.
  • For a small kitchenette, one can opt for a light blue single-wall furnished with flat wooden cabinets and open shelves.

The decoration of your kitchen should start with you conceptualizing and planning the design, followed by implementation. Jot down the space availability and list down areas that you think are tricky. Use space optimally and install kitchen ridges to store everyday items, spices, and condiments to keep your counter clutter-free.

There are endless possibilities to make your kitchen look attractive. Just get creative, layout a plan and use these kitchen interiors ideas to achieve your dream kitchen in your own unique way.

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