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Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends evolve with just as much speed as fashion. One moment monochrome is in and the next minute vintage is back. It can be quite a task to keep up with the merry-go-round of interior design trends and styles. So, if you are looking at redecorating your home anytime soon then this comprehensive list of the latest interior design trends will ensure that your home looks stunning and in vogue.

The Bedroom

When it comes to interior design for the bedroom, this year wallpaper is making quite the splash. From vibrant colors for those with an eclectic taste to muted tones for those who live for elegance; choose from a wide range of wallpapers to create a bedroom you never want to leave.

Contemporary lux is in with gold accents and gilt edges upping the glam quotient against whites and beiges. A gilt-edged mirror, for example, is a great idea for the interior design of a small bedroom, as it instantly opens up space while giving it a touch of luxury.

You can also choose to add some pizazz to your bedroom with colorful furnishings instead. Funky designs on bed sheets and vibrant colored drapes can create perfect harmony in a simple monochrome bedroom.

For your children’s room, add some color with a colored ceiling instead of colored walls. This can add style to space without making it completely overbearing. For children’s rooms, decals are trending right now. They are a great way to incorporate themes within the room that can be changed at a later date and at a lower expense.

The Living Room

When it comes to the living room, clean lines and modern furniture are the reigning trends for a living room design. Take your cues from the modern European aesthetic that is functional and minimalist. The upside is that this style of décor is not heavy on the pocket. A few smart and functional pieces accentuated with contrasting furnishing create a startling impact. This style is also a great small living room design idea as it makes the most of your space without cluttering it with heavy and imposing furniture and drapes.

Another great interior design trend that is catching on is mixing vintage with modern. Here mid-century modern pieces from the ’50s are highlighted against strong and sleek backdrops, mixing two different aesthetics with a pleasing result. This trend is perfect for those who own a lot of old furniture and need to integrate them within their new home.

Contrasting colors are still reigning supreme when it comes to choosing a color palette and interior designers suggest accent walls or furnishings in bold colors for additional impact.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a space that is usually traditional and lays a heavy focus on form and functionality. So the interior design trends in this space are all about reimagining the status quo.

Kitchen cabinets are getting a makeover with grey being the dominant color of choice over traditional white. The color adds some sleek elegance to the kitchen without rendering it stark and sterile in appearance.

Creating warmth is key to creating a happy kitchen. Here, the foremost trend is to contrast warm wooden drawers and panels with grey to create balance. Fixtures are also a subtle way to add style to the kitchen. Large handles are finding favor with interior designers as not only are they extremely handy, but they also serve to create a break between the endless drawers and cabinets necessary in the kitchen. Brass fixtures are another kitchen interior design trend that can add some glamour to your kitchen. They can transform this functional space into one oozing luxury and style.

A creatively tiled backsplash is a great way to add a little bit of color and personality to the kitchen. This is a great space to showcase your creative flair. Use warm and earthy colors in interesting patterns to create the perfect cooking space. From terracotta to ceramic, the choices are unlimited. Of course, you must remember to choose tiles that will not stain easily and are simple to maintain.

The Bathroom

Using wood or timber is an international home interior idea that is gaining prominence this year. It is an extremely effective trend for larger bathrooms. It adds a natural warmth to the space creating a perfect contrast with the cool functionality of tiles. To incorporate this trend in your bathroom, you can add a wooden counter for the sink or use it for the cabinets in the bathroom.

The fixtures within the bathroom are the most important element in terms of both functionalities and looks. At present, rich metallic fixtures are trending. They create a rich and warm ambiance within the bathroom making bathing a truly luxurious experience. Fixture styles are also evolving. The doubleheader that consists of one large rain shower and a separate hand shower allows you to enjoy a customized bathing experience while minimizing the clutter in a small space.

Within the bathroom, the trendiest way to give it a style makeover is to add stunning knickknacks that help you create a relaxing ambiance.

At present interior design trends are all about sustainable materials and elegantly simple designs. Like the iPhone and its iconic simplicity, creating a home is all about crafting a comfortable and utilitarian space where living is a joy. The dominating trend across all styles is, “less is more”. And it is easy to see how even the smallest change within the home can create a huge impact.

Of course, our favorite home décor trend the use of contrasts. This means you no longer have to match everything in the room, or in the house as a whole. The focus is more on creating an eclectic mix that works together in harmony. This trend sets you free to explore the boundaries of your creativity and craft a home full of love.

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