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Home Exterior Decor Design

Building a dream house is a lifelong fantasy for most of us. While swanky apartments in cities have their own appeal, there are many who would like nothing more than to own a house or bungalow in a quieter suburb or a small town. A house has its own benefits, you can set it up the way you want and plan everything from the layout of the interiors such as how many rooms will there be, placement of the rooms or the how the house exterior design would look like.

After purchasing the plot of land where your future home will stand, the first thing you must do is find the best structural engineer or construction company. Make sure their credentials and references are genuine. Don’t hesitate to call up contacts/ beneficiaries of their past projects and do examine the homes, offices or other structures that they’ve built. In order to create the final blueprint, the final home exterior design has to be agreed upon by all parties involved.

An Indian home exterior design is vastly different from an international one. While there is more use of wood, plywood, and glass in international structures, Indian homes tend to have a more uniform look with more emphasis laid on strong brick walls and classy designs. Building a perfect home can be a complicated process, filled with difficult decisions from start to finish. Therefore it is important to explore whatever resources that are at our disposal, especially online since you are bound to find an extensive house exterior design photo library on various websites, and lock on the most appealing design for you and your family.

Once you’ve got the design and foundation laid down, it is time to concentrate on other key parts of your home. For example, how do you want your outer house wall architecture to look? Would you like to incorporate a brick wall design or an abstract glass and light installation on your outer wall? Lining the outer walls with reinforced wood or timber is also a popular choice these days, with many kinds of weather-resistant wall designs available.

If you want your house to stand out in a row of identical-looking homes, then opt for exterior wall patterns. These could be as dramatic as a bumpy, deliberately misplaced stone wall structure with certain bricks jutting out or a subtle herringbone pattern, which casts a shadow and gives the illusion of having an interlocking design. In order to cool down the house, especially in humid cities, opt for brightly colored exterior wall design tiles; use different shades to create an imperfect patchwork wall that is destined to impress you and your guests.

Alternatively, try creating a design that brings the outdoors indoors, with large windows, sliding glass panels and a veranda or porch as well. Hanging creepers on the outside walls is also a great way to add some green cover while making the house look visually stunning.

However, a pretty design isn’t going to last forever. Especially when you haven’t taken into account the natural factors which could end up damaging your house quickly. Without investing in a proper roof waterproofing process, you endanger your house both internally and externally. The water seeping into your walls weakens the foundation of your home, while water damage can leak into the rooms below.

The terrace of every house is exposed to harsh natural elements all throughout the year, causing the roof to be extremely vulnerable to water damage. Thanks to modern roof waterproofing solutions, you can greatly reduce the chances of leakages or damages to your home. You can even find roof waterproofing paints and liquids which are an improvement from the traditional bitumen or PVC based waterproofing which had many disadvantages, such as cracks within the waterproofing.

For a first time builder, roof waterproofing costs could seem high and unnecessary but in the long run, it is an investment that gives back more returns than expected.

Apart from aesthetics, it might also be worth considering eco-friendly materials and incorporating them into the home exterior design. Bamboo, wood, and glass are great options. You could also incorporate solar technology within the design so that your home is not only aesthetically pleasing but energy efficient as well.

Remember that beyond the design, it is the materials that you use to construct the home that matter the most. Quality materials will be able to withstand the test of time, so choose them with care. Discuss products and their properties with your contractors and do your research before you zero in on your choice, after all, you only build your dream home once in a lifetime.

Building a house from the foundation to the furnishings is a tedious task. In order to achieve the desired results, with the least amount of stress, it is extremely important to plan ahead. Give time for the proper execution of the blueprints and structures. Whether you have sanctioned a small exterior home design or a larger one, attention to detail, intensive pre-planning and a well-qualified and capable structural engineer make the job at hand an easy and enjoyable experience.

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