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Bedroom Decor Ideas

Bedrooms are our little havens, where we go to decompress after a long, hard day. Not only are they a deeply personal space; a well-planned, beautifully decorated and clutter-free bedroom assures us deep and replenishing sleep every night.

If you’re on a budget, it can be a challenging task to find cheap bedroom decorating ideas that make the end result look classy and elegant. Budget isn’t the only constraint, other issues like furniture placement, the kind of material used, proper management of light and space, etc. make bedroom decorating quite the task. Another issue could be the size of the bedroom; quirky, out of the box small bedroom decorating ideas are hard to come by and we all look for that something unique to incorporate into our home.

For the modern dweller, space is a precious commodity, most cityscapes have exorbitant prices for the teeniest space and as such, utilization of available space is of the utmost importance when coming up with bedroom decorating ideas.

Gone are the days where a bedroom was just a bed and a dresser. Bedrooms now reflect your taste and personality in the best way possible. Different designs and themes are used to make your bedroom space the envy of your friends. When you are brainstorming different bedroom decorating ideas, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Your bedroom should match your taste, if you’re an eclectic person then try a mix of modern bedroom furniture with a hint of something classic and vintage. Your bedroom should be “you” personified and your happy space.
  • Set a budget. Make sure that your choices fall within your allocated budget so that you do not have to sacrifice your vision at a later date due to a shortage of funds. Consider DIY bedroom decorating books or guides for a little help on bringing your vision alive in a cost-effective manner.
  • Make sure there is proper light and ventilation. A dark and dingy room looks smaller and unhappy, while a vibrant, open floor plan with high windows makes the room look welcoming and beautiful

Before you go about making changes, decide on an overall theme and start by decorating the bedroom walls first. Choose a lovely shade as a base color and then build on that idea, for example, you can paint your walls in a calming shade of light blue, then add aqua theme wall decals for a smart way to decorate bedroom walls for cheap.
In a similar way, if you’re looking for cheap bedroom decorating ideas for men, paint the base color in the shade of their favorite football or cricket team and then use stencils or decals to have their team logos all over.
For bedroom makeover ideas, always take into consideration the person who will be living in that room. If your young daughter is a fan of a particular cartoon or a superhero, then surprise her with illustrations from the show on her walls.

Moving on to the main design of the room. A simple bedroom design could be achieved by keeping furniture to a minimum and utilizing what you already have, like trimming down an old coffee table to make a bedside table, reusing old coats to make striking pillowcases and turning an old sofa cum bed into a day-bed for the guest room. Simple bedroom design for a small space could be a roll-out bed attached to your closet which saves space but doesn’t impede your comfort. Always choose a bed with in-built storage to keep your room clutter-free and to minimize on shelves and closets.

An ongoing trend over the last decade has been to use contemporary and modern themes in the home. When we talk about modern bedroom decorating ideas, we mean incorporating the mid-century modern ways of style and décor, using natural materials such as wood, leather, teak and ready-made materials such as metal, molded plywood, and plastic. So a modern bedroom design would possibly include all-around wood paneling with a low raised teak bed, minimal polished wood dresser, and bedside table, with large French windows for ample light and an illusion of space.

By incorporating contemporary bedroom furniture design or by decorating with a contemporary bedroom design, we are talking about contemporary, i.e. what is in style right now. While there is no uniform code of contemporary design, it usually reflects the fashion trends of the current era. Today, a popular form of contemporary design is sleek black or mismatched drawers and furniture pieces. So you could team an electric blue dresser with a pristine white wall while a black storage cupboard rests overhead. Since 2016 has continued the trend of minimal furniture, quirky attention-grabbing pieces are preferred over clunky furniture.

Usually, adults know to choose a theme that bodes well with them and child greatly appreciate a well-designed room. However, parents all over the world agree that the toughest interior critic comes in the form of a teenager. Which is understandable given how difficult that transformation is and how confused we are during our teenage years. Therefore any suggestions or teenage bedroom ideas should be shared with the teenager involved. While you know them well, they are just growing into their own person. Maybe they have been looking at their friend’s modern bedroom furniture and would like something in a similar vein. Or they want a complete rock and roll circa 1970’s tribute look in their rooms. Either way, you should be ready to accommodate and build their room with their input.
Designing a bedroom is always a fun project to undertake. Creating an environment that you love to come home to every day can be challenging, but with the right resources and bedroom decorating idea, it can be an unforgettable adventure. Follow our simple tips and suggestions to create the bedroom of your dreams.

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