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Bathroom Decor Ideas

On paper, bathrooms sound pretty simple to design. Faucets, tiles, commode, basin—done, but it’s not all that simple. Bathrooms need to be pristine, welcoming, calming and functional. A well-executed bathroom is not only beautiful to look at but is also smartly designed, functional and above all resistant to the wear and tear of frequent use. While designing bathrooms, we tend to forget how often they are used which is why designing a bathroom takes great care and thought.

When talking about bathroom decorating ideas, we need to look at the structure of the bathroom in question. Some apartments and houses come with large, open bathrooms that leave ample space for bathtubs and a roomy shower panel. Some are L-shaped, others are square and compact. Each kind of bathroom needs detailed planning in order to make sure your fixtures last for a long time. Before you go about discussing small bathroom decorating ideas or try to find cheap bathroom decorating ideas, you need to make sure your foundation is strong.

First consider Basement Waterproofing

While designing a bathroom it is important to keep waterproofing in mind. Many are unaware of the myriad issues that water causes, even inside a bathroom. Before you go about choosing the tile or the color, it is important to discuss bathroom waterproofing with your contractor or interior designer. Water leaking under your tiles or inside wall spaces can greatly weaken the foundation and structure of your home. There are different types of bathroom waterproofing processes, it’s best to pick what kind of waterproofing should be done in your house based on factors like how old your bathroom is, what sort of tiles do you plan to install, etc.

By waterproofing, you ensure that are no leaks or seepages. Leakages are known to weaken a structure over time and greatly depreciate the value of your house. Waterproofing can be costly if you don’t arm yourself with the proper knowledge and techniques; it’s best to find out average bathroom waterproofing costs in your city and look for a contractor who will look after your needs and find solutions which fit your budget.

Choose your bathroom tiles

Now that you have your foundation secured, you can go around pick the tiles for the bathroom. There is a range of options for you to choose from, a classic white tile design with subtle specks of color or a Middle-Eastern mosaic design, whichever you think reflects your taste in the best way possible. These days, there is no limit to the kinds of bathroom tiles design available in the market. Walk into any ceramic store and they will show you a hundred options or a massive bathroom tile gallery with thousands of designs.

An interesting trend nowadays is contrasting the colors used in the bathroom. For example, pairing a subtle orange floor tile and yellow, white and orange chequered floor tiles, with a brilliant sunflower illustration shower wall tile. Shower wall tiles are also called “highlighters” and are used to emphasize one end of the bathroom and give a stunning look to an otherwise plain bathroom. You can play around with the floor the same way, making a few blocks the main attraction with complimenting colors next to it. Applying these methods of design gives an illusion of space and creates a very polished and attractive looking bathroom.

Once you’ve got the desired bathroom floor plan decided upon, you can start looking for the appropriate bathroom floor tiles types. Always go for nonslip bathroom tiles in order to avoid accidents. You don’t have to compromise on style if you opt for these, they come in the same attractive designs with a special surface that makes sure you don’t fall prey to the wet, soapy floor.

Designing a bathroom for children

When you want to make something special for your loved ones, especially the little ones, look at customized kids’ bathroom decoration ideas. You can add a touch of magic in your children’s bathroom by adding a touch of whimsical into their otherwise dull morning routine. They’ll love to wake and get ready for school in a vibrant and cute bathroom, one which is bursting with color and their favorite cartoon or movie characters. To make them feel involved in the planning of their bathroom, you can ask them to help you install bathroom decorations such as 3D wall art stickers of their choice or they can accompany you while you go shopping for digitally printed shower curtains and towels. Make them a part of the renovation process so that they can learn from a young age about color schemes and home décor. It is also a great opportunity to bond with your children and has fun with different designs and colors.

How to manage your budget?

Any sort of home improvement project can escalate in terms of time and money. More often not, the final bill is far more than you expected and the completion date gets delayed further and further. It’s smarter to start off with listing down as many cheap bathroom decoration ideas you can come up with. Consult as many friends who have recently done renovations in their homes or guidebooks that focus on bathroom decorating ideas on a budget, visit as many online forums that can help you with DIY bathroom decoration ideas. The more information you have, the less likely are the chances of you getting fooled by deceitful contractors or material suppliers.

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