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Building A Home

Almost everyone dreams of building their own house. If you’re planning to build one of your own and need some help building and designing it, then look no further. Simply follow our tips for new home designs and gift yourself that beautiful home you’ve always wanted.

It is always advisable to build your own house from scratch than to purchase a pre-designed house and settle for less. A house that is pre-designed will need to be renovated to suit your preferences and needs, which also consume a considerable amount of time and effort. In contrast, a house that is designed by the owner will need fewer décor updates later on.

So get started and learn how to build your own house step by step with this useful guide!


This will serve as the outline for the design of your house. To start with, browse through some sample house plans and pre-drawn new home designs that are easily available online. Spend some time thinking about the layout depending on the number of members in your family. There are several ‘build your own house games’ that can help you design the house—particularly the number of rooms and utility areas. For instance, finalize the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you wish to have, along with the space required for the kitchen. Also, mark the locations for the doors and windows that will bring in the maximum natural light into your house, especially in your kitchen. Also, decide if you need additional rooms such as an office or a room for your pets!

Plumbing, drainage, and wiring

Pay particular attention to drainage and plumbing facilities. Consult your architect and ensure that your house is protected from water leakage by installing proper slopes, drainage, and waterproofing solutions. Use the layout as a reference to decide which rooms require the most number of plug points and sockets. For instance, finalize the number of plug points your home office will require based on the number of printers and computers. Also, install adequate lighting at strategic points for maximum energy efficiency and ensure that your wiring is well-insulated.

Designing the interiors

Once you’ve taken care of the safety of the structure, you can now move on to design the interiors of your house.

  • Start with the flooring as this will act as the canvas and set the tone for the décor of your house. Implement your new home design by choosing the type of flooring you want— is it laminate or tile flooring? Laminate flooring is affordable, doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is visually appealing as well. On the other hand, tile flooring though a little expensive is more durable and can be easily replaced in the future.
  • Now sketch out the interiors of your rooms. How would you like your bedroom to look? Incorporate bold colors and accent walls in your bedroom design. Get inspired by the latest bed designs in India and ensure that you have multiple textures in the form of oversized pillows and stylish curtains.
  • When it comes to your kitchen, refer to the latest kitchen designs in India that are easily available on the internet. Consider the space allocated and use designs that use space optimally. Installing steel cabinets and having open shelves can deliver a sleek yet modern look too small kitchens. White floor tiles complimented with attractive and bold backsplash tiles are an ideal choice for the Indian kitchen.
  • The living room is perhaps the most active area of your house. The idea is to make the room look spacious and clutter-free. Simply paint the walls with a neutral color such as white and add colorful furnishings to complement the look. You can also go vintage and hang an oversized chandelier or opt for an antique painting or artifact to go on an accent wall.
  • Bathrooms are the most ignored rooms in a house. Install a large mirror to make a small bathroom look spacious and add wicker baskets to store everyday items. Carefully design this space to optimize functionality and deliver an attractive look.

Collecting materials

Consult an architect and ask him/her to give you a list of materials needed to build a house and ensure that these materials are reliable and can provide a sturdy foundation. These materials include:

  • Composite materials
  • Cement and plaster
  • Concrete
  • Thermal protection materials such as insulation
  • Door hardware, wood clad, hinges, sliding glass
  • Electrical equipment such as switches, power plugs, wiring
  • Cables
  • Security equipment
  • Masonry bricks and grout
  • Along with tools needed to build a house

Work closely with your architect and monitor progress at every step to ensure that the outcome is what you desired.

To conclude, you first need to have the vision to create your own house map with all the requisite structural and décor elements planned and in place. Don’t forget to infuse your personality and don’t be afraid to experiment with new styles and colors. Last but not the least, ensure that the interiors of your house are aesthetically appealing and pave way for a comfortable lifestyle as well.

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