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Waterproofing Tips For Your Homes

The joy of Monsoons finally arriving after a long wait is irreplaceable. But it also brings along a few common problems that cannot be ignored. One of the main concerns during Monsoons is that of leakage and every one of us has faced this issue in our homes at some point or the other. Be it Monsoon or any other season, if water leakages are ignored they lead to some serious problems. Water leakage problems aren’t just confined to the walls as most of us would normally believe. They can occur anywhere starting from the basements to the roofs, inside of the tiles, ventilators, walls, etc. Transitional fixes will only help you for a temporary while and permanent solution is what one should look at for a complete waterproofing solution. I have personally gone through the procedure of arriving upon the best solutions and also distinguishing between the best options out there. Here are my personal waterproofing tips that will help you in the long run during Monsoons:

Identify the problem 


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Once you see even a slight hint of dampness in your homes, be quick enough to act upon it. For you to know where exactly is the dampness coming from, do a quick external check in the same area of that of the watermark so that it can lead you to the leak. Most of the time, shabby or defective plumbing is solely responsible. For you to get exact solutions, you need to know about the exact problem.

Blockage Free 



One thing that can be done by us at homes is a regular check of keeping the drainages and pipes clear by using clearing agents. You will be surprised to see no leakage or dampness upon clearing of the blockages of drainage systems that might be stuck with either moss or other foreign material.

Roof Slates 



If you stay near the coastal region or have homes with slanting slates or clay tiles shingles, then within a regular interval be extremely careful of keeping a check on its breakage or wear and tear. Replace all the old ones well in advance before the Monsoons arrive. Otherwise, for even normal homes, do keep a check on loose roof slates as that is a common culprit for dampening.

Extractor Fans


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Condensation damp is caused by excessive moisture trapped in the house and one of the most common problems is since the moisture forms condensation as it meets the super cold walls created due to excessive use of Ac’s in our homes. Usage of extractor fans especially in kitchen and bathrooms where there is excessive moisture will help you reduce the wetness.

Correct Installations



Recheck if all your appliances like the washing machines and the refrigerators are properly plumbed in, as incorrect installations lead to escaping of steam, which causes dampness, and due to humidity in the air during Monsoons, it further worsens your situation.

 Waterproofing Membranes for Terrace Leaks


Source: http://www.drfixit.co.in/upload/other/solution/Terrace_Waterproofing_88_1.jpg

Liquid waterproofing membranes are your safest and cheapest bets against the leakage problems. This is a very strong adhesion, which is easy to use and is most suitable for terrace leaks.

The majority of these common waterproofing problems faced can be tackled if one acts in time and takes necessary precautions to prevent the damage and get a complete solution. For those of you who have tried all the different methods and are still distressed, make sure to read all about the waterproofing solutions provided by Roff India as they have a mix of expertise and reasonable pricing for permanent waterproofing solutions. Check out all their different waterproofing methods right here and pick one that suits your requirements


I hope all these tips help you be aware of waterproofing solutions and nip the leakage right in the bud.

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