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Water seepage problems

Water seepage problems in multi-storey buildings and How to treat it?!

People love rain and the perks it brings along with it but dread the subsequent dreary sequence of events. Among several other problems accompanying rain, ironically, the most troubling one is water seepage in multi-storey buildings. It certainly affects the age of a building, causes internal damage to the structure, causes health problems and makes any beautiful complex look shabby. If unattended and treated, it tends to vex each second of a peaceful living. Rains just act as a catalyst to fuel a phenomenon as there are several other accountable causes and further effects behind the scenes.


Cause: Rain is the most dramatic cause of all. A research conducted on roof construction defects highlighted that the root cause of failure stems from roof parapet wall cracks.

Effect: The financial and psychological repercussions of roof leaks bring a high level of stress. Moreover, seepage to the flats below causes discomfort to the occupants and frequent disputes in regard to the liability to repair.

Cure: Dr. Fixit Pidicrete MPB is user-friendly and provides a stunning waterproof coating and excellent concrete repair.



Cause: Factors such as environment, airborne salts, atmospheric carbon-dioxide, rain, humidity, temperature, failure of waterproofing membrane, inadequate drain slope, poor design, inadequate detailing, poor workmanship or the combination of these factors is a culprit of water seepage in multi-storey buildings.

Effect: This present both a danger to the structural integrity of the building and the health and safety of occupants.

Cure: Water resistant tile adhesive and tile grouts should be considered to fix the final finish tiles with an adequate slope and drainage details. Rainbow Tile-Mate and Roff Adhesive work very well.

Wet Areas

Cause: This can be due to the failure of the waterproofing membrane. The damage accounts to incorrect workmanship and use of inferior materials rather than poor maintenance.

Effect: The water leak makes its way across the ceiling causing dampness, patches and even worse when it starts to drip steadily.

Cure: It is important that the waterproofing in basements, roofs and wet areas, such as bathrooms, shower rooms, and balconies is driven by a complete waterproofing system.


Cause: Poor selection of waterproofing system, inadequate detailing for joints and other critical locations, inadequate design, poor concrete quality and poor workmanship, damage to waterproofing membrane, ground water level rise and so on.

Effect: Results in corrosions and moist patches leading to seepage and algae growth on basement ceiling finish.

Cure: Concrete being the first line of defence, the correct concrete mix design parameters should be considered.

Water leaks can cause significant structural damages and litigation issues resulting from a combination of the above-highlighted factors rather than an individual element. To help minimise leakage nuisance and potential hazard to life and property, sturdy construction practices should, thus, be followed during the building plan, design, and execution stage itself because prevention is always better than cure!


Cause: The aggressive effects of external weathering on roofs make them more vulnerable due to deterioration. Symptoms such as water drippings, damp patches, paint peeling off, rust stains on the ceiling indicate a poor waterproofing system.

Effect: Consistent leaks can initiate corrosion of the reinforcement causing concrete spalling, resulting in a soffit collapse not only causing serious damage to structures but also posing a great risk of injury.

Cure: Dr. Fixit Roofseal provides an excellent waterproofing solution and is easy to use.

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