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Tiles Are An Important Part Of Building A Happy Home

For the longest time, tiles were only confined to living room flooring, or on the walls and floors of the bathrooms. Today, tiles are a universal décor element, finding innovative uses in every room of the house. With their excellent durability and an abundance of colours and materials, they have become an integral part of a house’s overall look, and many home owners have made that crucial perception shift from what they can afford to what looks good and lasts long. Beautifully laid tile surfaces can make a home look so much more stylish and vibrant.

More houses are now proudly displaying tiles in their interior design to create a unique visual ambience. And why not! There is a baffling variety of designs and textures available for every surface of your home – floors, walls, backsplashes, kitchen counters. There are ample colour combinations to pick and choose just the right one for your décor preferences.

In fact, using the right colour can up the visual appeal of a room by several notches. To make a small space appear larger, use light shade tiles. Dark colours can add warmth to a space, while neutrals will give you a flexible playfield to change your accessories at will. And of course, vibrant coloured tiles are a great way to introduce a load of character and cheerful vibes in a room.

Tiles can enhance the core theme of your décor as well. Use mosaic tiles to create decorative patterns into your flooring, use Moroccan tiles to create a stunning central theme for a kitchen, or Nautical themed tiles for a bathroom reminiscent of beaches and tranquil waves. There are many regular spaces in a home – porches, foyers, living rooms, studies, dining rooms, kitchens, and just about any part of your home- that can be given a complete facelift by carefully selected and laid tiles.

Another fabulous perk of well-laid, good quality tiles is the ease with which they can be cleaned and maintained. Tiled flooring, unlike carpets, adds mood and whimsy to your floor, without the dust particles trapped in its texture. And to keep your mosaic, ceramic and glazed tiles looking new for a long time, there is Roff Cera Clean, to attack any stains, scum, spills or layers; keeping their visual appeal intact for years to come.

Source: http://www.decoist.com/terracotta-floor-tiles/

Just do your research on the materials, colours and textures available, and let your imagination do the rest for giving your happy home a massive boost of décor fabulousness. The key to selecting tiles for your home décor is to choose the right size and colour for the space you are incorporating them in. Also choose the material keeping in mind the usage of that space, and what will the tiles be subjected to.

Like I mentioned, there is an overwhelming variety of tiles to choose from. The most common ones, Ceramic tiles, come in porcelain and non-porcelain varieties, with non-porcelain tiles being the most economical, while the porcelain ceramics offer greater durability, minimal water absorption and natural stain resistance.

Natural stone tiles are made from natural materials and the most common types used as tiles include marble, limestone, granite and slate.  Using the right kind can create an artsy and colourful look for any room.

After you choose your tile, it’s time to think about the installation. This is the most crucial stage, as a set of quality products will ensure the optimal longevity of the tiles selected by you.  The combination of complicated installation procedures involved in tiling and the fact that most tiles are laid out in areas of heavy usage, it’s important to trust your installation to a known professional. Roff has a great range of tile fixing products that ensure all your tiles are beautifully connected together, creating a beautiful canvas for individual pieces. Their extensive range of adhesives, grouts, sealers and additives ensure a perfect finish for all types of tiles, on all types of surfaces.

So just take that big step, and add a dash of sunshine to make your home happy, chic and stylish. Now that you have a lot of information to get you started, go shopping for those tiles today!

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