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Tile Inspirations: 5 Ways To Use Tiles Creatively In Kid’s Rooms

Tile Inspirations: 5 Ways To Use Tiles Creatively In Kid’s Rooms

Believe it or not, one can do a lot for their kid’s room with just tiles. And when I say lot, I don’t just stress on the aesthetic value but also functionality. With clever use of tiles, you can make your kid’s room look beautiful and use it as a tool to teach and entertain. Take a look to know what I mean!
But before we get into it, let me warn you that tiles in children’s room will be subjected to scratches, wear and tear, water, tea or anything that might flow. To ensure the tiles are protected use three-component epoxy resin-based ceramic tile joints filler. It is a resin-based epoxy tile joint filler that exhibits stain resistance, chemical resistance, hard wearing and impervious properties, with a high degree of resistance to abrasion and impact. Before getting your creative foot forward, make sure the basics are right!

And now, on to the tile inspirations for kid’s rooms-

Use numbered tiles for toddlers

Doing up the floor in your kid’s room? Kids love colours. To add a bit of colour in your kid’s room, do up the floor tiles in ombre {which is different shades of the same colour, placed from dark to light or vice versa} or contrasting tiles. It’ll definitely put a hop skip jump on their step seeing the visually stimulating walls.

Use tiles on walls too!

It’s weird but I have seen parents shout at their children for scribbling on the wall. More so if their rooms have been freshly painted. To be honest, they wouldn’t be children if they don’t scribble on the wall. As parents one needs to cleverly recreate their rooms to help them express themselves without feeling the brunt of it all! For children with a habit of scribbling, add large tiles on the walls {half way up} and covering the tiles with some chalk paint. Encourage their drawing and let them find their hobby! A soft cloth and water and you’ll create a fresh space for some more scribbling.

Use jungle themed or marine life inspired tiles on walls

Children are inquisitive. They are curious and they learn through curiosity. A fabulous idea is adding animals or marine life themed tiles on the walls. For highlighting it, add recessed lighting around it. Your child or children will look forward to their bed time.

Make it merry and bright

Kids love colours. To add a bit of colour in your kid’s room, do up the floor in bright coloured tiles. You can even create a mosaic using their favourite cartoon characters for that extra bit of fun.

Bathroom backsplash

Tile Inspirations colourful-tiles

Image Source: http://g01.a.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1Ua1lIVXXXXaZXFXXq6xXFXXXN/Kai-blue-colorful-mosaics-Quintana-C7-color-children-s-room-bathroom-kitchen-tile-backdrop-tiling.jpg

Another idea- this one, I am stole from my sister- is to incorporate a candy inspired backsplash in your kid’s bathrooms. You can choose to keep it popped up as in the image or fill it with grout to give it a more homogenous look. It looks fabulous and also cheers the cranky one up when he/she is about to do the daily morning chores.


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