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Choosing Outdoor Tiles

Things to Consider when Choosing Outdoor Tiles

Tiling can add charm to an outdoor space, and also visually demarcate an area for say, entertaining or eating outdoors, even lounging by the pool. But there are a lot of mistakes people make when they choose their outdoor tiles. Let’s explore the important things you must consider when choosing your outdoor tiles

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The Right product: The number 1 consideration when choosing tiles for outdoor spaces, is the material. Material should be chosen not on its own merit, but also in view of other things such as the style of the indoor tiles, is the outdoor area semi covered or completely open, etc. Tiles for outdoor areas come in porcelain, travertine, stone, pavement and other material. You need to decide what you need for your space, and factor the look and texture of each of these. Porcelain is stain resistant and waterproof, while travertine tiles are porous and therefore less slippery. Stone tiles offer a variety of natural-finish looks and are the most popular choice for outdoor areas, as they add rich texture and colour. Whatever type of tiling you choose, ensure that they are fitted well, and that some tiles need to be finished with an appropriate sealant, to ensure long-lasting beauty.
The colour : if you are looking for certain colours, for instance something earthy versus something more colourful, a neutral tile, or maybe even a wood-look tile, then you need to choose the outdoor tiles accordingly. Wooden tiles are not recommended, so the nearest option would be a tile with a wood-look finish. These come in porcelain finishes usually, and therefore you would have to rule out natural stone tiles for this area. On the other hand, if your outdoor space has a lot of earthy elements such as rock formations or waterfalls, a natural stone finish such as quartzite has an amazing natural beauty. While most people go in for neutral colours in outdoor tiles, it is possible to get bright coloured tiles too, especially if you want to accent an area, to visually demarcate it. In this case, your choice would be porcelain tiles in bright colours.

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Take natural conditions such as rain and sunlight into account. If you have a lot of bright light  on your tiles, you could consider a lighter shade of tile. Also,, if your idea is to brighten up a space, especially if you plan to use this area for sun-down or late night entertaining, you could consider brighter neutrals such as white or cream. Well-lit areas look beautiful with darker tiles. The way light reflects on a tile can add much to its beauty. If possible, ask the store people to dim the lights and see how your tile looks in broad daylight versus night light.

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When you are done choosing tiles, don’t forget to use the right tile-laying products for tiles that give your outdoors that perfect, lasting beauty.

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