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Tiling Mistakes

These Tiling Mistakes can ruin your kitchen during monsoon

Tiling projects are labour intensive tasks that should be approached with caution, technique, and planning. One small installation misstep can be detrimental to the overall look of your kitchen. Rains wait for none then why wait for kitchen tiles to show their first damage and then dive into pricey repairs? After all, prevention is always better than cure. Watch out for these mistakes before you plunge into your kitchen revamp project.

Erroneous or poor planning

This is probably the worst mistake but the easiest to avoid. Instead of going for a make-do solution, measure out the surface you need to tile. Plan and design it simple by making fewer cuts to lessen the chance of mistakes. Deicide your first tile and then move ahead from there onwards. The first tile is usually the inside corner tile away from the door.


Failing to keep things waterproof

Waterproofing is pivotal while tiling any kitchen surface. Damage caused due to leakage is irreversible. Even if you are in a rush to get things done, do not start tiling until the waterproofing is complete and dry. Roff Non-Skid Adhesive (NSA) forms a waterproof barrier between two surfaces and has excellent bonding properties.


Picking the wrong adhesive

Avoiding care makes tiling more susceptible to become loosened and finally wear off the surface. For example, compromising while choosing an adhesive. Even well-fitted tiles can let water through to the adhesive, leading to crumbling and breaking. In such cases, a waterproof adhesive is a must. Roff New Construction Tile Adhesive (NCA) is the perfect crack-resistant and waterproof tiling solution for your kitchen.


Ignored structural integrity

Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit that sometimes appears on the surface of masonry, stucco or concrete. Make sure that all tiles and joints are sealed to limit water entry.

Instructions – Did you read them right?

Instructions are not to be read but to be followed to avoid mishaps as products are specially formulated. Something as simple as adding too much or too little water to the mix can result in a bad mix that will lead to further problems in time.

Every tiling project has its own unique challenges to take into consideration. While downpour can be quite the spoiler don’t let your kitchens get affected. With proper care and certain planned measures, let your pockets smile in this heavily weeping monsoon!

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