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Why Do Floors Buckle Up and What To Do To Prevent It?

Floors Buckle Up

Tiling adds immeasurable beauty to a home. However, there are cases when tiles can be an eyesore. Buckling or tenting of tiles, for instance, happens mainly due to changing temperatures. This is a common occurrence with ceramic or vitrified tiles because of the material composition in them. When heaving occurs, ...

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Keep your home mold free during monsoon

mold free home

It has been raining in Bangalore, perhaps not as much as one would like, given the looming drought situation, but most afternoons one can look forward to some showers. There is something about rain and the accompanying sweet smell of earth that rises during the first few showers is a ...

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How to create a waterproofed home?

rain on thassos

A home is foremost a safe shelter for its inhabitants. If your home is not waterproofed, it negates the very purpose of a safe haven that you can come back to each day. So how can you create a waterproofed home? Essentially, barring the foundation, which has to be sturdy, ...

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Solutions to not so common tile problems

Simpolo India morbi tiles ceramics

The most beautiful and expensive tiles can appear tacky and distasteful if they are not installed properly. Right from an alignment of the edges of patterns being matched, it is important to hire workers who know their job well. Apart from the more obvious issues with tile installations, there are ...

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Bathroom Waterproofing Mistakes

bathroom interior design

The bathroom is one area which is constantly exposed to water and moisture, which can lead to the build-up of dampness. In addition, any leakage or cracks and breaks in the tiles on the walls and floor can cause water to seep through and cause further damage. Waterproofing remains an ...

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