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Water Seepage in Residential Flats


In a hot and humid climate like Mumbai, water seepage is an extremely common problem. It is an unpleasant sight and brings along many other problems and health hazards too. This is why it is extremely important that when you consider purchasing or renting a home. You must ensure that ...

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Types of Stone Countertops and Their Benefits


Stone countertops have been popular for years in the kitchen, for islands and in bathrooms. Different types of stones vary in popularity based on their colour, aesthetic appeal, porosity, hardness and durability. Stone as a material is high in visual appeal with its beautiful natural colours, textures and grains. Granite ...

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Fix Loose Floor Tiles


When your floor has a loose tile, you just know it. A big tile will probably wobble every time you step on it. A small tile will move slightly or make a noise when stepped on. Sometimes, there are more obvious signs such as chips or cracks on the tiles.  ...

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