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Common Causes and Cures of Cracking Grouts

Causes and Cures of Cracking Grouts

The selection of tiles is a long process which takes a lot of time and effort. Once you select beautiful tiles for your walls and the floor, it is important to have them installed properly, otherwise, the effect is completely ruined. For instance, if the tiles are installed indifferently, which ...

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Clean Happy Walls with Dr. Fixit

the-happy-homes-wall dr.fixit

Damp patches on walls? Layers of paint flaking? Fungus like spots on the ceiling? Powdery mildew on walls? It’s a sign your house is vying for your undivided attention; it’s time to put your blinkers on. Every once in a while we wake up to the news of a building ...

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Creating Tiling Wonders with Simple Murals


Tiles now come in various materials, shapes and colours, patterns and even textures! They wear such lovely disguises that you sometimes cannot tell a wood-look tiled floor from an original wooden floor! Tiles have long since moved out of their relegated domains of the washroom and kitchen and now adorn ...

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