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#RoffUpYourNewYear with these Cleanliness Resolutions

#RoffUpYourNewYear. Yes, this New Year, make a simple weekly cleaning schedule that you can stick to and one that saves you from the brunt of heavy cleaning before holidays. The key to getting it done is by dividing areas of your home into sections and tackle it one day at a time. Take a look at how we are doing it.

Monday- High Traffic Areas: Tiles, Ceramic and Glass

Weekend looks great, but not in the life of tiles. Spilled drinks, sauce smears, cups of tea, coffee stains and dropped meatballs: I think our tiles and stone surfaces go through a lot during the weekend, and Monday seems like the perfect day to tackle this. While our old faithful- soap and water is a primary choice of weapon, for tough stains and degreasing, use Roff Cera Clean.

Ceraclean is a high-quality rapid active cleaner and degreasing solution that works effectively on tiles, bathtubs, wash basins, privy basins, concrete, and lends spotless cleaning to your tiles surface. If you have spots and ‘ugh’ layers under plastic and metal buckets placed in the bathroom, Roff Ceraclean will help you clean that in a jiffy without you having to scrub your hand out. It is also effective in removing water stains, cement stains, grime, oil, paint stains, grease, moss and wax from concrete, asbestos, terrazzo and ceramics.

#Tip: To clean glass, use newspapers and plain water. Soak a newspaper in water and clean your glass surface thoroughly. Now, wipe it shiny with a dry newspaper. Thank me later!

This bit will sort you till the weekend.


Wednesday- Low Traffic Areas: laundry, kitchen shelves & cupboards

Give yourself a day and kill the chore softly. On Wednesday clean out your laundry and give your cupboards a quick clean. Sort your clothes and stack them, de-clutter the shelves, purge a little and pack things that you don’t use to give away to someone who might find it useful. If you have cabinets with tile backing, you can use Roff Ceraclean to get rid of any grime and dirt that might have accumulated on it.

#Tip: Does your kitchen utensil tumble and fall? You might not be keeping them properly. Stack utensils without handles, arrange bowls according to their sizes and make space to hang utensils that come with handles. A super easy way to hang pots and pans is by installing a small curtain rod fixture. Add “S” hooks to them and hang them up. Beautiful kitchen on a budget.


Friday- Consumer electronics, Fans & Spot cleaning

On Friday, give your microwave, oven, refrigerator, washing machine a thorough clean from the outside. If you have too much grime inside the oven, soak the trays in hot soapy water for about a day or use a stain remover fit for oven.

Second in your line of action is spot cleaning.

Because you started cleaning on Monday, by Friday you may have some spots that might require attention. Don’t clean the entire fabric or surface but do spot cleaning. With a small brush and cleaning agent clean exactly the spot you think is dirty and wipe/dab away with a dry clean cloth.

#Tip: If you are cleaning upholstered fabric use a hair dryer to dry the wet place.

Sunday- dust

Because even God rested on Sunday, I’ll leave the cleaning schedule to accommodate just a tiny dusting part here: think you are a fairy waving your wand and give the TV, Speakers, chairs and tabletops a quick wipe with a duster or a clean, dry cloth. If you go by my pace, 3 cups of coffee is all you’ll need to get a spic and span home.

Rest a week, repeat, #Roffupyournewyear!

About Rukmini Roy

Rukmini blogs at trumatter.in and lives her beach house dreams inside her Mumbai city apartment, one DIY project at a time. It all started out as a journal to record her everyday life in Mumbai and the little décor projects she undertook to create a space that reminds her of her home back in the hills. Soon it went on to be the go-to place for home decor and DIY ideas, and eventually went on to win the title of "the best blog in India for design, art & craft" category, WIN14 BlogAdda Blogger's Awards. Her style is simple & informal, and one which is dominated by crisp whites, beach-house-comfort-pastels & a whole lot of neutrals. She believes ‘good living doesn’t cost much’ and uses her home as a canvas to share her budget DIYs, home décor solutions and tips.

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