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Renovating your home

Renovation Tips That Will Save You Time and Money

As family requirements and lifestyles change and evolve with time, a home too must be updated to keep up with it. Renovating your home can be exciting and rewarding, as you look forward to the results. But, the actual process when you go through the renovation can be often tiring and elaborate. Especially, when, it tends to go out of hand due to insufficient preliminary planning and preparation.

One of the things which I find useful while renovating, is to make a ‘to-do’ list and break it up into doable segments according to priority. So, instead of tearing up the entire house at a time, and then have to live with the mess for a longer duration, I prefer to have sections completed at intervals. This helps in keeping the projects manageable, in my budget range, and also interferes less with my work schedule.

When considering home renovation ideas, you could follow the same strategy and identify the areas which need to be renovated such as new kitchen cabinets, conversion of a nursery to a child’s room, concealed lighting for your living room and so on. It helps to get an estimate for the time and cost, so you can provision accordingly.
Plan ahead, to be able to do a market survey to compare prices, quality and materials.

Do not cut corners when it comes to the labour. The best quality materials for your interiors, for instance, marble or granite flooring can be completely ruined if installed by inexperienced workers. Spend a little more and get the best workers for your woodwork, wall painting, flooring and other specific jobs. Look around for references and recommendations from friends and other people whom you can trust.

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Spend time to understand how much breakage will be done or is possible, for instance, if you are installing new bathroom fittings, wall or floor tiles may get cracks or may even break. If that happens, are replacements easily available? Designs and patterns get dated and go out of stock, in which case you may have to reassess your decision. Consider your options before ending up with broken tiles and having to replace all of them, thus shooting beyond your budget.
Keep contingencies for both time and cost. There will be holidays, days when workers do not show up and several other reasons why the cost could escalate.

For wall paints and fabrics, it might be a good idea to bring samples and swatches home, or at least look at them in natural light. I also find variations in colour on the computer screen and otherwise, where the difference can be drastic enough to interfere with your colour coordinating efforts.

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While installing new cabinets, tiling on walls or floors, wall painting, make sure you address any issues with dampness and seepage. It is easier to do the waterproofing (check your options here) at the time of renovation, and will save you a ton of effort and money in the future.

Before buying appliances, gadgets and large pieces of furniture, confirm the availability of space. Double check measurements to be on the safe side.

Remember that lighting makes a huge difference in the look, feel and colour, so make sure you also plan for adequate lighting. Ensure that all the electrical wiring work is completed before any paint jobs.
When planning your décor while renovating, look for lasting quality and timeless pieces with your more expensive products. Whereas, you can opt for trendy objects and accessories, which are less expensive, and are therefore easier to update with newer trends.

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