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Protect Your Tiles From Heavy Monsoon Showers

Songs have been sung. Poems have been written. Whenever it hasn’t arrived on time, prayers have been said. Monsoon is a season everyone awaits and welcomes with a smile. But like every blessing, it comes with its fine prints, and many water ravaged homes stand mutely as a testimony to what Monsoon can do to an unprepared, unprotected house. Thankfully, I am seeing a general increase in home care awareness, partly set in motion by blogs like this one. More and more homeowners are embracing the concept of “A stitch in time saves nine”. That is to say, they know that precautions are often a smarter choice than remedies, especially when it comes to homes.

Heavy shower induced water damage is one aspect most home owners are educating themselves about. I have lived in enough rented apartments that went from shiny and bright to dripping and dreadful, in a matter of days as soon as the rains started. While every aspect of protecting your home from heavy showers is important, one that is often overlooked is the protection of tiles from long-drawn downpours.

With the monsoon setting in, we invariably take steps to ensure there are no leaks from the roof or loose doors, windows or cracks to let in the rain. However, we forget that our tiles, especially in the outdoor areas, bear the full brunt of the wet weather, and it’s important to ensure that all tiled walkways, driveways and porches are well protected.

Rain induced water damage is a major issue for outdoor tiles, especially porcelain and natural stone tiles. Tiles that absorb and retain water will have their life span shortened through cracking and staining. Outdoor tiles should be checked and sealed on an annual basis to protect it from the elements.

Rain and heavy wind affect tiles not only from the surface but from the sides as well through the grout. Ensure that you use a waterproof grout to avoid rain seeping in through the sides. The RTM Epoxy from Roff is a resin based, stain and chemical resistant tile joint filler that prevents mold spots in humid areas and is a perfect companion for your rain exposed tiles.

Image source: http://roff.in/grouting-solutions/roff-rainbow-tile-mate-rtm-epoxy/

It is important to fix any loose tiles before the rainy season hits to ensure the maintenance afterwards is minimal. With a concrete substrate, there is a chance that moisture can creep up through the concrete and create problems in your tile installation. Roff Tile Bonder (RTB) is an on-site mix for enhancing the strength and workability of cement, and works to improve the strength and workability of cement, especially in wet areas.

Image Source: http://roff.in/tile-solutions/roff-tile-bonder-rtb/

Once the rains are over, use Roff Cera clean to effectively clean any water induced stains. It removes all kinds of spots and even water stains from concrete, asbestos, terrazzo and ceramic surfaces very easily.

Image Source: http://roff.in/tile-solutions/roff-cera-clean/

Just like your roof, your tiled patios and decks must have ample slope to carry rain-water away from your house. A slope of 1/4″ is recommended for each linear foot. Proper drainage and gutter systems for your tiled patios, balconies, or decks are crucial for rain-water damage control.

Just a few precautions and timely measures ensure that rains mark your life only with their poetic, romantic quality, and not the dreaded water damage that forms every homeowner’s nightmares. It’s that simple really, and another reinforcement of the now well-accepted thumb rule of “fixing it before it has a chance to be broken”.
Happy Monsoon!

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