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Preventive Waterproofing During Construction Helps Build Lifelong Structures

We all have that dream home in our minds. You could be lucky enough to already have acquired one, or could be working hard at owning one. Either way, your dream home is a place of warmth, comfort and safety for you and your family. Whether you live in a rental home or an owned one, you’d know the damaging potential water has on a concrete structure. Cracks in the walls, mold in wet areas, damaged paint, and leaking roofs – we all have been there at some point in our life. Waterproofing failures have the potential to burn deep holes into a home owner’s pockets, not to forget the many health and safety implications they possess.

Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the necessity of waterproofing being integral to a healthy, sustainable construction project – a lifelong structure that retains its strength and beauty for a long tenure. Currently, waterproofing is used as a reaction to the leakages and seepages which make the construction unhealthy. The truth is, failing to invest in proper waterproofing at the time of construction exposes those buildings to immediate and long-term damage to building contents, and even structural failures. Quality waterproofing at the time of construction is not a structural luxury, but a key step in creating and protecting a lifetime investment.

These past few years have seen significant advancements in waterproofing products and systems, with reputed manufactures introducing long-lasting products that lead to long lasting, sustainable standards in waterproofing. They are developing innovative, eco-friendly, energy-efficient and high quality waterproofing solutions that minimize maintenance costs, and deliver these savings to home owners year after year. Excellent quality products are now delivering performance measured in decades, rather than years.

As awareness of these products and systems increases, home owners are demanding good quality waterproofing solutions to be incorporated in the building at the construction stage. Why is waterproofing during construction so important?

It saves money. And lots of it.

To start with, waterproofing, ideally, should have a design life as long as that of the building. Once the construction is completed, areas prone to leakage are difficult to access. It then becomes a major undertaking to properly identify and correct it. Any superficial attempts at treating the symptoms of waterproofing failure often serve only to trap or redirect moisture, compounding the problem. Waterproofing during construction helps build a strong, secure house that requires minimal repairs from water damage caused by leaking basements or walls. Furthermore, there is no risk of the building being rendered uninhabitable by severe water damage.  Simply put, waterproofing your new construction is a long-term investment that makes money during the building’s lifetime.

It Improves The Life Of The Structure

Secondary Waterproofing during construction helps improving general resistance to water penetration, resulting in improved life of the structure. Dr. Fixit LW+ is an integral waterproofing product – a unique cement additive for plaster and concrete that increases the cohesive strength of the mix, delaying corrosion and preventing cracking the plaster. It waterproofs by filling pores and cutting capillaries, preventing the cracks and dampness in concrete and masonry structures that can bring down their life from the designed level.

It Prevents Health Issues

Mold and mildew. Damp and recurrent moisture patches. They aren’t just water ingress symptoms. They are hotbeds of germs and potential illness. Waterproofing during the construction stage plays a large role in keeping these persistent irritants away from your home, making it an essential consideration.

Dr. Fixit is the only proven expert specializing in lifelong waterproofing systems and products. Their waterproofing system are designed with due consideration of the present condition of building as well as the worst conditions that may arise in future. Remember that a good waterproofing system used during construction is of great importance in ensuring the sustainability of the structure. It is, in the true sense, an investment in the future of the building.

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