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Monsoon Calls for the Green to be In!

It’s raining outside as I write this blog, and when I look out of my window I see an endless expanse of beautiful green foliage. But I know most homes don’t smell and feel too fresh in the monsoons. But here’s a change of perspective because the monsoon is my favourite season to stay indoors. Yes, my home smells fresh and clean, and the secret is indoor plants!

Here are some tips to make your home clean and green this monsoon.


Those beautiful glass-enclosed green indoor plants can soothe the eyes, and gladden the heart! Terrariums are inherently aesthetic, and can give a facelift to any room. Most terrariums are low-maintenance, but ensure that you buy from the right source, and follow the care instructions that are given to you when you buy. With more people living in smaller spaces, the terrarium is the easiest way to introduce small but pleasing patches of green into homes.


Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/130604457919584950/

Water plants

Have you been calmed by the sight of a lotus blooming beautifully in a pond? Well, aquatic plants can now be brought into your home, and the benefits are numerous. When placed in an aquarium, your water plant can improve the quality of the water, and give your fish a good supply of oxygen. Even on their own, aquatic plants add a unique beauty to your home, and are far more satisfying than a vase filled with cut flowers.

Plants that repel mosquitoes

Monsoons unfortunately create the perfect environment for mosquitoes to breathe. When you place plants that repel mosquitoes, they help in several ways, and look good too. Ensure that you have at least two mosquito repelling plants in your home this monsoon. Lemongrass, basil, mint and garlic are well-known for this quality. While on the topic of mosquitoes ensure that you empty drip trays and empty containers left out in the rain regularly.


Image Source: https://flic.kr/p/63MFib

Plants that remove mold and clean the air

Dampness and mold can appear on badly constructed walls during the monsoons. If this happens in the middle of the monsoons, you can try a bit of fire-fighting with indoor plants that remove mold. Green and leafy plants such as the spider plant, ferns, palms, bamboo variants are known to cleanse air and reduce mold. Peace lilies are another great option. There are some plants such as Aloe vera and Jasmine that can even be kept in your bedrooms, as they are known to induce good sleep and cleanse the air.


Image Source: https://flic.kr/p/9S1L8a

Living green walls and indoor gardens

Rather than just having corners and table tops for your greens, bigger projects such as green walls and indoor gardens are also a great way to bring in the greens this monsoon. Though they require a bit more architectural planning, they are worth the effort, as your home gets transformed into an outdoor space you can enjoy despite the rains!

Aesthetic tips for going green

Now that we have covered the various ways to go green indoors this monsoon, let’s dwell on how display your greens aesthetically.

  • Throw out artificial flowers and plants when you bring in living plants. Yes, there is nothing tackier than having your natural beauties share space with artificial plants.
  • Either cluster the green or space it along your room. Live plants look beautiful in clusters, but ensure that you arrange them prettily, with the tall plants at the back, and smaller ones in front. Use planters and drip trays or they will stain or seep through your tiles. When you space them out, remember to vary the arrangements – terrarium near the window, aqua plants on a tabletop, or greens in a corner.
  • If you have just one plant in a room, make it a tall, leafy one. The fiddle leaf fig is a fashionable favorite these days, and grows well in India too!
  • If you cannot have a live plant, pick large quantities of lush greens from the outdoors and put them in water in your living areas.
  • Think about trending plant arrangements such as vertical planters for a stylish look.
  • Keep your plants away from the direct blasts of heating or air conditioning.


Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/126945283223727043/

When you bring some of that green indoors, you are doing both yourself and your home a favour! Besides beautifying your space, it also gives you fresh and clean air throughout the damp weather, keeping you healthy and disease-free!

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