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Let your home celebrate monsoon. Just Like You.

Yes, we’ve been praying to the rain gods for quite some time now, and news is that this year the rains will start early too. What a relief it’ll be won’t it? To have the cool wind caress your face as you drink tea on your window or balcony? Monsoons are nothing short of magical. But tell you what, monsoons can get quite unbearable too if there is a leaking roof in your room or a damp wall in your living room that is slowly starting to catch mould.
This monsoon, let your home have its hair down and enjoy the rains too. Just take a few precautions that’ll ensure your home is rain protected from its frames so you can enjoy hot samosas and chai without worrying about the leakage in your home.

Your Roof is the most important step to waterproofing

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Improper slopes, loose tiles, clogged drainage pipes, cracks and damages on the terrace slab results in standing water on the roof: which means leaky ceilings and terrible moulds. Do not wait for that to happen and then save the roof but take precautions instead. Waterproof your ceilings with Dr.Fixit Roofseal which is an elastomeric liquid waterproofing membrane and which gives excellent waterproofing to the terrace. Important part is, it’s easy to apply and once used, you can expect a life expectancy of more than 10 years of durable waterproof coating.

Save the Structures

Cement shrinks. In hotter seasons, due to extreme heat, cement shrinks and forms cracks in plasters and concrete. My dad is a civil engineer and I have seen him fuss over years as to how water to cement ratio is not maintained on sites resulting in capillaries. These capillaries from leakage can turn into huge cracks over time. To prevent leakage and cracks on structures, use LW+ Integral Waterproofing Solution which modifies the properties of cement while constructing, increases the strength of concrete, delays corrosion of steel bars that hold the cement and also improves the workability of mortar.

External Walls

When it comes to external walls, you absolutely must protect them before the rains start as it bears the direct brunt of harsh temperatures and rains. To save your home from water leaking and seepage, try using Dr. Fixit Raincoat for waterproofing and decorative purposes. This is just like paint but you’ll notice it’s twice as thick. Plus, it’s resistant to algae and fungus and offers you about 700 colours to choose from. You could also ask for a free preview and site trial.

Remember, just decorating your home is not enough. To have a home that’s beautiful- one that you can thoroughly enjoy- you must protect its skin and bones. This is the right time to start!

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