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The Importance of Timely Repairs & Structural Audits for Housing Societies

Whenever we buy a house, we plan to stay in it for a long time. Even if you plan to sell your house at a later stage, it is essential for all homeowners to carry out repairs and regular maintenance. Such minor fixes can help you prevent serious problems and ensure the value of your home in the future.
Comfortable place to live
Major components of the home such as plumbing and electrical components need to be monitored at regular intervals. The comfort factor of your home depends on how durable and well maintained these are. Or else replacements for plumbing and electrical components can be costly. If features of your home / society building are no longer efficient, you should try to replace them to reduce energy consumption and monthly bills.
Boosts the value of your housing society
Routine maintenance and upkeep maintain the appearance and comfort of your home and contribute to increasing its value at the same time. A home is a life-time worth of investment and maintaining it helps you reap the benefits fully. Repairing and maintaining a home costs less than waiting for problems to get worse.
Healthy living conditions
Home repairs are necessary for safeguarding the general well-being of the occupants. By inspecting your home regularly, cleaning and repairing it, you will have the assurance that your family is safe. Keep termite hazards at bay with professional pest control. Test smoke detectors and fire sprinklers to ensure that they are functioning properly. Do make sure to check all electrical issues such as malfunctioning corridor lights and exposed wiring that can compromise the safety of occupants.
Prevent the risk of falls by making sure that your floors are intact, the plaster is not coming off at the corners and the railings are firmly fixed in a sound condition.
Avoid Expensive Repairs
Performing regular maintenance and handling minor repairs as required will minimize the possibility of expensive repairs. Most amenities like lifts need to be inspected cleaned and repaired regularly. The efficiency of the building and compound gates is improved when they are cleaned and well-maintained.
Emergency plumbing services are essential to effectively deal with leaks as well as to prevent flooding and structural damage. Performing this type of maintenance will also give you peace of mind.
It is important to assess the condition of parts such as the roof on a regular basis because your roofing protects your home. Professional roofing companies are available to inspect your roof. Maintain your roof and avoid water damage. In case of waterproofing requirements one can use Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP an economical waterproofing liquid which is to be mixed with cement and applied on the mother slab. The liquid nature helps in reaching the cracks deep within and sealing them from inside.
Deal with pest infestations immediately. Pests such as termites and cockroaches can rapidly multiply if the infestation is not addressed as soon as the signs are noticed.

To encounter Seasonal Changes
Routine maintenance should also take into consideration seasonal changes. Small steps like painting the external walls will allow reflecting the light in summers which in turn reduces heat gain and AC requirements. Cleaning rainwater drains will prevent water and moisture retention in terrace.
Timely maintenance boosts the value of your society and homes. The cost of regular and efficient maintenance is an investment that yields returns in a longer run through value maintenance and appreciation. Regardless of whether you choose to maintain your home by yourself or hire professionals, avoid waiting until things go wrong to carry out repairs.

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