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The Importance of Choosing the Right Tiling for your Home

Tiles give a finishing touch to your beautiful home, without which your floors, bathrooms and kitchens would never be able to look their best! Choosing tiles however, can be a difficult exercise. The right tiles for the right part of the home are always a challenge. Here are some pointers on choosing correctly.

Consider the basics
Which room are you going to tile? The general rule of thumb is that large tiles can be used for bigger rooms or tiling areas, and small tiles can be used for smaller areas. A large expanse of flooring for instance, could be covered more easily with a few big tiles. Smaller areas such as kitchen walls on the other hand look better with small tiles. But this is not a hard and fast rule. Look at lots of pictures of tile installations of different sizes and you will be able to decide whether to go with the rule, or against it!

Consider the purpose
What will be the purpose of your tiling? In the kitchen for instance, the backsplash tiling needs to be stain resistant, while the floor tiling will have to be tough and sturdy to handle footfall, and the possibility that a heavy pot or pan might fall over it. A bathroom or pool floor tile for instance needs to be anti-skid, waterproof, etc.

Consider the tiling material
These days it is not just ceramic or mosaic tiles that that you can choose from. The variety is mind boggling, with wood finish, ceramic, vitrified, mosaic and glass, and natural stones such as marble, granite, quartzite, travertine, onyx and limestone. Yet, this is not an exhaustive list. Things to consider when choosing your tiling material are the cost, durability, look and finish—shine, matt, glossy, transparent, etc.


Consider the mood or style you want your room to reflect
Every home owner has a preferred choice of style and ambiance for their homes. Consider thinking about this when you buy your tiles. For instance, a retro-style home will look lovely with limestone flooring. A modern, minimalist home might prefer stark black or cool marble to set the tone. Tiles play a big role in defining the mood of a space.

tiling 3Source:https://pixabay.com/en/living-room-fireplace-private-estate-1515976/

Opt for a reliable tiling solution provider
When you invest in good tiles, it is not enough that you get them fitted by just anyone. You will have to ensure that your tiling person knows his job well, and knows the right way of laying tiles. Did you know? There are special tiling products and adhesives for each type of tile. That is why you also need to ensure that your tiling professional uses the right tiling solutions for the tile you have zeroed in on.

The five points explained above will help you focus on relevant factors when you choose your tiles. Once you factor them into your decision making process, you will be able to narrow down your choices adequately. Then it is only a matter of zeroing on tile colour and print, grout colour and finishing touches such as choosing a chair rail or pencil rail to add some aesthetic touches for your tiling job.

With a little thought and some professional help in laying your tiles correctly, your tiling work can add a spectacular dimension to the aesthetics of your home.

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