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How to protect your roof

How to protect your roof from harsh weather conditions

As a homeowner, you have a lot of things to worry about such as interest rates, insurance, and resale value. There are many things that you just don’t have control over. Nowhere is that truer than the effect the weather has on your home. Well, that’s what we are digging into this week, by giving you information to help you handle whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Now, one of the biggest complaints you hear about when you own a home is the effect that rain has on it. And if you get roof leaks, you’ve got a lot of problems.

It doesn’t matter if you live in an old or a brand new home, it makes sense to inspect the roof.



It is important to keep your gutters clean. They should be free running and clear because if they are not, water can back up, rot the fascia and peel the paint off. Water can work its way up the gaps and drain into the ceiling below and then the ceiling will have to be repaired along with interior work.


It helps to waterproof paints and sealants on the inside of your basement wall. An extreme measure would require you to have a professional dig out all the way around the house and put a waterproofing membrane to protect your home.

Inspecting skylights

Inspecting skylights

If your roof has skylights, inspect the seal between your skylight and the roof. This will ensure that no water drips through the seal during a storm and that the skylights are secure enough to withstand heavy wind and rain.

Schedule a commercial roof inspection

Schedule an inspection with a waterproofing solutions provider. Experienced roofing professionals will spot potential issues before they become costly problems. They can also provide waterproofing solutions – such as reinforcing the sealing and checking for tears or cracks. It does not matter what type of roofing material is used. They can make the necessary repairs to ensure that summer weather does not damage your roof. The water seeping through these cracks can reach the interior surface and can spoil your home interiors, wardrobes etc. The growth of mold in such damp places can cause a health hazard.

To prevent such unsuitable conditions it is important to arrest cracks by carrying out waterproofing of the roof. You can use Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP, an economical waterproofing liquid which is to be mixed with cement and applied on the mother slab. The liquid nature helps in reaching the cracks deep within and sealing them from inside.

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