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prevent exterior walls from damage

How to prevent exterior walls from damage?

Don’t let your external walls slip under the radar. Your external walls need as much attention as your internal ones. With proper intensive measures, you can maintain the beauty of your home. The following pointers suggest how to prevent exterior walls from damage. After all, exterior walls are more vulnerable as they are exposed to the elements!

Sinful Rays

Problem- Exterior walls are very prone to danger from sunlight and its harmful UV rays. This also causes the temperature to rise up inside your home.

Solution – There are several exterior wall coatings that prevent the exterior walls from damage caused by harmful UV rays. Dr. Fixit Heatshield acts as a heat reduction coating that provides excellent heat insulation with high solar reflectivity.

Old is not always gold!

Problem- Usually seen in old buildings which need immediate upkeep, sometimes, old bricks break down and soak in rainwater. Eventually, a damp patch appears on the plaster indoors. The same will happen if a brick gets cracked, so it is much better to fix the problem before more damage occurs.

Solution – Brick and masonry sealer forms a protective water repellent barrier that can help prevent damage. Dr. Fixit Raincoat is a good solution along with Dr. Fixit Primer to give your home a fresher look.

Rising Damp Spots

Problem- The tell-tale signs of this issue tend to be a build up of lichens and moss on the external walls.

Solution – To prevent this from happening, a damp proof course, basically, a waterproof layer is fitted between courses of bricks about six inches up from ground level. Also, a waterproof coating prevents excess dampness. Dr. Fixit Raincoat Coool is a coating that does not crack or peel off on ageing as normal paints do. Thus, it resists water penetration effectively.

Crying on cracks

Problem- Finding damaging cracks on your external walls may make you worried about your home’s structural integrity. Usually, construction materials expand and contract over time with environmental changes and produce cracks.

Solution – There is no need to panic, instantly apply Dr. Fixit Crack-X Shrinkfree to give a better wall finish and improved water resistance.

With proper care and attention, both functional, as well as aesthetic properties of an external wall, can be retained throughout any season.

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