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Freedom From Dampness With Dr. Fixit

As we march towards Independence Day, I am reminded of my school days when I had the responsibility of waking up the neighbors for the flag hoisting ceremony in our locality. A duty I performed with great pride and enthusiasm. Such is the spirit of Independence Day.

While we are a proud and independent nation, I wish we were truly free from all sorts of worries, problems and pains. Talking about worries and problems, one major worry that has followed my neighbours and me is the “dampness” issue. Monsoon is the main reason behind the dampness in flats or buildings that crops up again and again. Technically, if the base is set right with correct waterproofing techniques, then dampness would not be a problem to begin with.

We had a major scare in our building due to constant dampness. A few kids in our buildings developed fungal infections due to living in wet and humid flats. While an elderly neighbor with respiratory troubles began to find it difficult to breathe due to the mould growing on the walls of her flat. With everyone’s health being affected, the residents in my building collectively decided to hire nothing but the best to put an end to the dampness.

We contacted the expert from Dr. Fixit to come visit our building and each individual home too, since we had heard some success stories from the neighbouring buildings. After a detailed and thorough check-up we were informed that structural waterproofing was needed to fix the problem. The simple fact that cement by nature shrinks over a period of time causing cracks in plaster or concrete is the reason behind chronic dampness and leaks. The expert from Dr. Fixit mentioned the importance of maintaining the water-cement ratio in order to ensure the problem does not arise.

The simple, effective and affordable solution to put an end to the dampness was to opt for a long lasting waterproofing solution. It not only enhances and modifies the properties of cement but also prevents any kind of cracks and corrosion on the structure, hence tackling the dampness at the roots.

After the process was completed, we could visibly see the difference with no signs of dampness even during the heavy rains of August. We, as a team (all the residents) were thrilled with our decision to make Dr. Fixit an important part of our “Freedom From Dampness” movement. It helped us get rid of the dampness and enhance the life of the building structure as well.

freedom from dampness

Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW + is an integral compound as it waterproofs plaster and concrete. It also resists corrosion in steel bars and increases the workability of mortar which saves valuable time and money.

This Independence Day, it is time to run towards Freedom from Dampness with Dr. Fixit.

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