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Dress Up Your Cozy Reading Corner

Reading is one of the simplest ways to get rid of the stress we all accumulate in our daily life. For some, it’s a night time activity, a sort of bedtime ritual. For many others, like me, it’s a grab-some-quiet-moments sort of everyday indulgence, in a quiet and cozy corner of the house. A lot of houses have that one corner that can be converted into your personal haven, a beautiful, welcoming reading corner, where you can unwind with a good book, listen to some music, and generally forget all your worldly troubles. The beauty of creating such a corner is that it never needs much space. It can just be a small corner in any room, with space enough for a comfortable chair and some books.

But it helps to have a corner that is not just a seating space, but a nook that defines you, your personal preferences, and is dressed up well enough for you to escape to it ever so often. You don’t need a big budget overhaul for a reading corner that will be the envy of all visiting friends. Just some basic aspects need to be taken into consideration while creating and designing a stunning reading corner.

One of the key elements of designing a reading corner is the lighting. Ideally, it should be close to a source of natural light so try to create a spot near a window. You could turn it into a window nook by adding a sitting bench with built-in shelves to store your favourite books. Even a corner with sufficient natural light would need a lamp or spot lighting for those prolonged reading binges that go well into the nights. Make sure that the lamp you select is of the right height when placed next to your seating area. Also, the light needs to be soothing and must add to the welcoming vibe of the space.

Comfort is crucial while designing your reading corner. Opt for a seating best suited for this space. A small sofa or couch, a plush wingback chair, a beanbag or even a rocking chair can be your options. A foot stool or an ottoman is a great idea to add to your reading corner. After all, putting your feet up helps you relax and get into an immersive reading experience, right?

Once you have the seating in place, add an extra layer of cozy comfort with cushions and a snug throw in case you want to indulge in a quick nap in between your reading sessions.

Reading Corner at Home

Source: Source: http://www.decoist.com/2015-04-13/reading-nook-corner-ideas/

Add a small side table or shelf to store your books and magazines, and to hold other essentials like a cup of your favourite beverage, or even some snacks. You can also add some wall-mounted floating shelves for additional storage. Why not get creative and use a pile of old books and magazines to create a small side table!

Books on a side table

Source: http://www.whimzeecal.com/2013/05/diy-friday-upcycle-magazine-stool.html

Some drapes or a space divider can separate your precious reading corner from the rest of the room, giving you more privacy. Think out of the box and use a slender bookshelf as a cleverly placed room divider.

Keep the décor in your reading nook minimal but personalized. After all, it’s your space. Choose a carefully curated selection of frames and artwork to elevate the visual appeal of the corner.

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