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Decorate Your Homes without Breaking the Bank

Decorating your home indeed goes a long way and getting that perfect look that your heart desires makes a home happy and vibrant. But before you jump into decorating, it is very crucial for you to make the base of your house strong and sturdy with the right durable and pocket friendly products.

Along with décor, home repairs require a deeper and permanent solution that will cater to your problems and take care of the problem from the roots itself. Happy Homes are based on a strong, sturdy and reliable structure that makes for a healthy home too. Have a look at our list of products and techniques below that will help create your perfect happy home.

Roff Rainbow Tile Matt (RTM) Epoxy 


Source: http://roff.in/grouting-solutions/roff-rainbow-tile-mate-rtm-epoxy/

We all want fancy looking tiles right? And now with the trend of placing tiles around windows and at other unconventional spaces in the home, it is of utmost importance that you have a protective layer on them that ensures stain resistance. Roff India has a highly effective and budget friendly three component epoxy resin-based ceramic tile joints filler. This resin-based epoxy filler exhibits stain resistance, chemical resistance and a high degree of resistance to impact and abrasions. This is apt for your kids’ rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Roff Hyseal 


Source:- http://roff.in/waterproofing-sanitary-solutions/roff-hyseal/

Say hello to Crystalline waterproofing for the home that ensures your home looks perfect on the outside too. Roff Hyseal is an alkaline cementitious powder-based waterproof coating that prevents water leakage when used as a waterproof coating on your bathroom and toilet slabs, basements and water tanks of any other underground structures. This product ensures that your bathrooms and basements are completely waterproof and sturdy along with being beautiful.

Accent Wall 


Source: http://freshome.com/2010/08/27/40-best-money-saving-decorating-ideas-for-your-home/

Having one wall with the boldest colour of your choice is both pleasing to the eyes and pocket friendly too. If you and your partner have weekends to spare then you both can get into your old clothes and paint your way to happiness. Usually, choosing the main wall that rests behind the sofa, common area seating or bedroom is a safe choice to go with.

Tile And Grout Matcher 


Source: http://roff.in/grout-matcher/

I came across a very interesting feature by Roff India that lets you know which grout matches and suits your tiles and surfaces in the best way possible. Even a small and a tiny shade difference of grout can make your surfaces look dull. The Tile and Grout Matcher ensures that one can never go wrong with the choice. The best thing about it is that it is just a click away on your computers.

Decorate Your Walls Using Pre-Owned Stuff 



Re-vamping your most favourite spaces doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend big bucks. You can simply put-together few beautiful family pictures you already own or some hand painted glassware or a few souvenirs that take you back to some of your favourite adventures. This is a great way to decorate your rooms and walls by having to spend almost nothing at all.

With home decorations costing a lot, it is very important that you make the best of your home’s decor by applying some of the techniques and fixing solutions by Roff India that are cost effective.

Make your homes, happy, strong, and durable without having to break the bank.

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