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Causes and Cures of Cracking Grouts

Common Causes and Cures of Cracking Grouts

The selection of tiles is a long process which takes a lot of time and effort. Once you select beautiful tiles for your walls and the floor, it is important to have them installed properly, otherwise, the effect is completely ruined. For instance, if the tiles are installed indifferently, which can happen if the labour lacks knowledge, expertise and experience, the grouting can make your wall and floor look ugly, no matter how beautiful your initial selection.

The finish of the tiled surface depends heavily on how well the grouting is done and how well it lasts over the years. This means that the quality of the product, which is the grout, in this case, is absolutely critical to the overall look of the tiled surface and its longevity. Apart from the product itself, it is also important to follow the instructions that accompany the product. In fact, not using grout, or using one that is of poor quality can cause the edges of tiles to crack and chip, eventually leading to weak tiles that break easily.

If cracks start appearing in the grout, the entire surface looks tacky, not to mention the fact that the tile joints can also begin to get affected. In addition, repairing the grout may not be as easy as filling in the joints, and may require expert advice from professionals.

cracking grouts

Common causes for cracking grouts

One of the most common reasons for cracks to appear in grouts is linked to improper installation of the tiles. Similarly, the amount of water in mixing the grout must be just right to ensure good clean joints which are strong. The preparation of the substrate is equally important because only then it can accommodate changes in temperature and moisture to withstand structural stresses and pressure. The process of curing of the grout also determines how well it lasts. All of these are possible only if you have expert tile layers.

You may have also noticed that mold and fungus tend to grow in between tile joints posing a health hazard. These can cause further cracks in the grout.

Cures for cracking grouts

It is absolutely essential that you use the right type of good quality grout, to ensure an excellent finish and also a long lasting surface. To prevent the growth of mold and fungus, you obviously need a product which will discourage the growth of these unsightly organisms. The Roff range of special adhesives and grouts preserve the beauty of the construction and help in maintaining a safe and hygienic environment and a happy home.

In addition, if you have to repair cracking grout, see if it is possible to remove the existing grout and replace it with the Roff range of special adhesive and grout. It might be a good idea to get expert advice so that you can select the right product for your requirements.

Remember that with its wide range of adhesives, grouting and maintenance range, Roff can help you create and maintain your dream home.

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