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Décor Tips: Monsoon Calls for Green to be in


Adopting eco-friendly measures in our daily lives to reduce our carbon footprint and thereby conserving non-renewable natural resources has assumed great importance. The monsoon serves as a reminder to renew our faith in green measures – both literally and figuratively. The rains not only refresh our senses but rejuvenate every living ...

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Feng Shui for Good luck in your Home!

feng shui 1

When Feng Shui hit India, everyone had bamboos and coins in all different places. Suddenly it became the cure to all. Suddenly everyone was an expert on it, so we decided to get to the bottom of it and find out the real principles behind this ancient art form to ...

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Monsoon Calls for the Green to be In!


It’s raining outside as I write this blog, and when I look out of my window I see an endless expanse of beautiful green foliage. But I know most homes don’t smell and feel too fresh in the monsoons. But here’s a change of perspective because the monsoon is my ...

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Types of Stone Countertops and Their Benefits


Stone countertops have been popular for years in the kitchen, for islands and in bathrooms. Different types of stones vary in popularity based on their colour, aesthetic appeal, porosity, hardness and durability. Stone as a material is high in visual appeal with its beautiful natural colours, textures and grains. Granite ...

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The ways colours can alter your mind

co psych

We are our favourite colours. We are perceived based on the colours we like and the colours we want around us as it speaks volumes about our personality. Therefore it’s important that we knew the psyche of it all! Did you notice how most business websites are designed in tones ...

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Most impressive mosaic art from around the world

Oh! From a 400 year old practice- or rather, an art form- Did you think there will be a dearth of great mosaics to choose from? No sir! When we talk of fabulous and larger than life mosaic, there is no definitely no shortage to pick from. The dilemma remains ...

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Innovation In Tiles

Innovation in Tiles

We’re all familiar with using tiles at home. An important construction material, tiles are used for flooring, cladding and embellishing. Available in various materials such as ceramic, stone, glass, porcelain and so on, tiles offer a unique combination of functionality and aesthetics. Today, I will focus on the design and ...

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