Decorating with Tiles

Decorating with Tiles

Tiles add an interesting and functional dimension to home decorating. It’s not just floors that look great with tiles, but it’s also your walls and your landscapes that will really stand out with tiling. Let’s look at some outstanding yet doable home design ideas in tiling, and economical home renovation ...

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Renovation Tips That Will Save You Time and Money

Renovating your home

As family requirements and lifestyles change and evolve with time, a home too must be updated to keep up with it. Renovating your home can be exciting and rewarding, as you look forward to the results. But, the actual process when you go through the renovation can be often tiring ...

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Prepare a checklist when considering Home Renovation

Home renovation

The idea of remodeling / renovating your home is exciting and has you bursting with a bunch of ideas and possibilities! You’ve seen home décor magazines, interior décor websites and pinned away one too many design dreams. But before you launch head on into the renovation process, wouldn’t it be ...

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Is Redevelopment an Alternative to Repairs?


Let’s admit it—we all love those TV shows that are all about transforming an old house or room badly in need of repairs into a fantabulous and sleek new space. It is almost magical to see the transformation of the room at the end of the show through the before ...

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Checklist for Your Next Home Renovation Project

Business man with check boxes over navy blue background

Home renovation is an exciting task. But before you start with the layouts and design improvements, there are some important things to consider so your project turns out just the way you dream it. Inadequately planned remodeling projects can go horribly bad and are likely to bring up unexpected expenses ...

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Understanding Society Repairs and Waterproofing


Man is a social animal. Living in a society or gated community gives us a sense of togetherness and security. It allows us to celebrate and live our lives with a sense of belonging and ownership. However, the physical dwelling place comes with an added baggage of services and repairs ...

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How to Maintain your Exterior Cladding


Exterior Building in India usually look worn out and dull. If we maintained it on a regular basis, then the dire overhaul to the exterior would not be required. It’s vital you carry out critical maintenance tasks, or the crisp, modern look of your home could be spoiled. Worse still, ...

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