Things to Consider when Choosing Outdoor Tiles

Choosing Outdoor Tiles

Tiling can add charm to an outdoor space, and also visually demarcate an area for say, entertaining or eating outdoors, even lounging by the pool. But there are a lot of mistakes people make when they choose their outdoor tiles. Let’s explore the important things you must consider when choosing ...

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Secrets to create an amazing terrace garden

Terrace Garden

A terrace garden is a thing of beauty in the midst of an urban jungle. I am extremely grateful for the terrace space we have in our new home. I woke up this morning to the sweet scent of jasmine and parijatha filling the air in the terrace, clear skies, ...

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Decorating month special: Outdoor

Balcony  garden

I love the outdoors and I adore talking about outdoor decor. From elegant landscaped gardens to sweet porches; from quaint patios to elaborate gazebo canopies and from sprawling stretches of greens to a small city balcony—my love for outdoor decor is undying and what better time to talk about outdoor ...

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Swimming Pool Tiling and Grouting Basics


Swimming pools are very popular extensions of homes and institutions these days. However, they need to be built with the best possible materials, with the right techniques, and waterproofed properly. This will ensure that the structure is durable, and long lasting. Swimming pools need to be watertight outside, while the ...

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