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Sharon Colaco DSouza is a professional content strategist and an interiors stylist. She is passionate about home décor, and runs a décor blog called The Keybunch. She is also the founder of Décor Drama, a popular online community for décor lovers. She is a published features writer and author. Do follow her latest series on The Huffington Post where she blogs about using vintage items in modern décor arrangements. She works from her home office in Pune, which she shares with her science-buff family consisting of a husband and two young kids.

Swimming Pool Tiling and Grouting Basics


Swimming pools are very popular extensions of homes and institutions these days. However, they need to be built with the best possible materials, with the right techniques, and waterproofed properly. This will ensure that the structure is durable, and long lasting. Swimming pools need to be watertight outside, while the ...

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Drawing Inspiration From Our Stone Monuments


Name any Indian monument. Chances are it’s made of stone. Well, perhaps not common stones, but the more exotic varieties such as chlorite, red sandstone or marble. Nevertheless, these stones were all procured locally, right here in our country! For instance, the Taj Mahal’s foundations were built using red sandstone, ...

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