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Rukmini blogs at trumatter.in and lives her beach house dreams inside her Mumbai city apartment, one DIY project at a time. It all started out as a journal to record her everyday life in Mumbai and the little décor projects she undertook to create a space that reminds her of her home back in the hills. Soon it went on to be the go-to place for home decor and DIY ideas, and eventually went on to win the title of "the best blog in India for design, art & craft" category, WIN14 BlogAdda Blogger's Awards. Her style is simple & informal, and one which is dominated by crisp whites, beach-house-comfort-pastels & a whole lot of neutrals. She believes ‘good living doesn’t cost much’ and uses her home as a canvas to share her budget DIYs, home décor solutions and tips.

The ways colours can alter your mind

co psych

We are our favourite colours. We are perceived based on the colours we like and the colours we want around us as it speaks volumes about our personality. Therefore it’s important that we knew the psyche of it all! Did you notice how most business websites are designed in tones ...

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Decorating month special: Outdoor

Balcony  garden

I love the outdoors and I adore talking about outdoor decor. From elegant landscaped gardens to sweet porches; from quaint patios to elaborate gazebo canopies and from sprawling stretches of greens to a small city balcony—my love for outdoor decor is undying and what better time to talk about outdoor ...

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Most impressive mosaic art from around the world

Oh! From a 400 year old practice- or rather, an art form- Did you think there will be a dearth of great mosaics to choose from? No sir! When we talk of fabulous and larger than life mosaic, there is no definitely no shortage to pick from. The dilemma remains ...

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