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External Versus Internal Waterproofing

External versus Internal Waterproofing

Water from torrential rains and floods is the biggest threat to homeowners not only along the coastal regions but across the country.  Variations in weather patterns are becoming the norm with each passing year. Homeowners often spend 10% of a home’s value on doing up the interiors but neglect the ...

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Things to Consider when Choosing Outdoor Tiles

Choosing Outdoor Tiles

Tiling can add charm to an outdoor space, and also visually demarcate an area for say, entertaining or eating outdoors, even lounging by the pool. But there are a lot of mistakes people make when they choose their outdoor tiles. Let’s explore the important things you must consider when choosing ...

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Common Causes and Cures of Cracking Grouts

Causes and Cures of Cracking Grouts

The selection of tiles is a long process which takes a lot of time and effort. Once you select beautiful tiles for your walls and the floor, it is important to have them installed properly, otherwise, the effect is completely ruined. For instance, if the tiles are installed indifferently, which ...

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Why Do Floors Buckle Up and What To Do To Prevent It?

Floors Buckle Up

Tiling adds immeasurable beauty to a home. However, there are cases when tiles can be an eyesore. Buckling or tenting of tiles, for instance, happens mainly due to changing temperatures. This is a common occurrence with ceramic or vitrified tiles because of the material composition in them. When heaving occurs, ...

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