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A Guide to Giving your Home a Mini Festive Makeover

With the start of the festive season, it is time to celebrate and give your home a sparkling makeover. The same environment can become monotonous over a period of time, so when the festive season starts it is a great time to make changes in your home which spell joy, laughter and positivity.

Before indulging in significant alterations in your home décor or interiors, ensure that your walls, ceiling and floor are adequately waterproofed. Imagine if you spent a fortune redecorating your interiors, but did not deal with any issue associated with seepage or dampness, it can be catastrophic in terms of expenses and the effort required in addressing the problem later on. Generally, most of us become aware of seepage and dampness only when it is visible on surfaces. However, the problem may remain latent for a long time before becoming evident. In such a case, some amount of damage may have already occurred.

Therefore, before giving your home any kind of makeover, make sure all the groundwork with regards to waterproofing, filling of cracks and crevices is completed with a reliable product. Once this is accomplished, your home is ready for a festive makeover.
Here are 5 easy ways to dress your home for the festivities.

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/en/vase-copper-pot-decor-bar-711205/

  1. Select a wall that is central to the eye, or in other words, is most prominently placed. Consider transforming this wall into a focal point for your décor. Changing the colour to a brighter hue is one way to make the wall stand out even before you start accessorising it. Folk and tribal art or a mural done directly on the wall are also effective in emphasising the ethnic décor, and you can play with scale for a more visible impact.
  2. Else, select an artwork which can be displayed on this wall. Traditional and ethnic themes in bold bright colours are great for the festive season, and so are traditional artworks with gems, vintage textile pieces and contemporary art based on folk traditions.
  3. Move your furniture around to open up the space and to best display this wall. Borrow colours from the artwork to update the accent pieces in those colours. Add golden and copper highlights which work well with most colours and also add to the festive look.
  1. Bring out your antique utensils, brass and copperware and polish them up before displaying. Look for new and innovative ways you can display them, so that they are contemporary in their usage and add to your décor. Mix and match traditional artefacts with newer components for more interesting effects.
  2. Add lighting in the form of hanging lanterns, candle stands and votive candles. Make your own lanterns with fabric or handmade paper, stencil on designs and watch them come to a glow when lit.

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/en/glass-light-burning-lotus-candle-1119292

You could also add colour to your upholstery and drapes. Bright reds, oranges and gold give a vibrant and colourful look that is also elegant. However, ensure that you do not overdo the effect since going overboard with too many bright colours can make the space appear tacky.

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